Konichiwa. I’m Vladimir Isaev. This is my mood board of best experience in my work projects, ideas, conceptions and unfinished projects.
Concept of sign for the Dubna city is based on two letters D and B. This is a reference to the chemical element discovered in this city.
Redesign of key.ru online store. Very interesting development process. We will miss you.
New work process for Engineering Design Bureau in Kazakhstan. High tech and brutalizm visual system identity.
More, more and more different variations.
Lectarium. Online education. Visual identity and interface conception.
Go Park is a complex project for a sports center. Naming, logo, website and photos.
A fascinating world of pharmacological agents, generics and strict limitations. Naming, packaging and promotional materials.
A wonderful experience in rebranding the corporate identity and working on a character for communication company.
Spiritus. The main part of your drinks. The project became one of my favorite in 2018. The snake here as a symbol of sin, and the grapes has a second meaning.
I work with logo projects for more than ten years and I realy love it. My works added to Trends Reports 2011 and in Logo Lounge Books.
Ivo Helory. Lawyer company. In the sign you can see the metaphor of imprisonment and escape.
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